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background story

Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 1:32 am
by Yoda Almighty
is there one? if not, than here is a possible idea for one.

2129: due to the success of the first man made mission to mars in 2085, a second manned ship is sent to Europa, using the new hyperdrive that has been developed. (the hyperdrive is not perfect, though. the voyage still takes 2 years, with the crew in crioseep, and it's no nearly powerful enough to take a ship out of the system) on arrival at Europa, the crew set up a base. for another year, they do simple analysis, and experiments as they did on mars, and basically just explore. however, on the year 2132, they discover signs of life, that displays a certain degree of intelligence. (a water creature) they crew sends the news back to earth, and there is much celebrating (yay aliens! lol)

2 years later, the crew heads back to earth, with one of the alien creatures with them. (in a tank full of European water) the creature lives for 9 years, and dies. by that time, humans have settled the sol system more. there are settlements on the moon and mars, plus one planned for Europa. also, 3 space stations have been constructed, one around earth, one around mars, and one around Saturn to mine the rich ore's discovered there. hyperspace tech has improved to the point that you can go from the earth to mars in a matter of hours rather than months.

things stay as they are for another 15 years, but on 2158, an alien wreck drifts into the sol system, and crashes into one of the moons of Saturn. a research team is sent to investigate, but the team never returns. the last message ever received from them is a mayday picked up by an ore frigate in orbit around Saturn. most of the message is unreadable, but it makes it clear that another team should not be sent, and something about an "alien virus" images and scans taken from orbit don't reveal anything special about the wreck, except for occasional red patches all over the planets surface on the thermal scan that no one can find a satisfactory explanation for. they are eventually written off as "volcanic hot spots" and eventually the whole affair is forgotten. (due in part to a little gov't cover up)

another 60 years pass without incident. the first hyperspace link is created between sol and alpha centauri, and a planet is discovered to be able to support humans. more links are created to more systems, and soon humans enter a period of imperialistic expansion. during this period, 3 factions emerge in space. the sol federation, formed of the united states government, plus a lot of the democratic nations on earth. the merchant union, which is made up of traders and miners, headed by a council of merchants who control various trade routs through the federation, and a religious sect of Christian values. (they have churches in most of the space stations, and go on pilgrimages to the poorer sections of space, with much needed resources. (food, clothes, power generators, ect.)

however, on the year 2218, a trade fleet passing through the very edge of federation space is almost completely destroyed by an attack that comes out of nowhere. of the 30 ships that set out, 3 return, badly damaged. the survivors say that they believe that the attack was not aimed at them, but rather they were caught between 2 warring alien races. when the videos taken from the ships of the attack is released to the public, an inquisitive reporter recognizes the design of the ships, and digs out the report of something that happened over 60 years ago. the alien wreck. he analyzes the thermal images taken, and sees that the same mysterious red dots appear on the ships now. he takes his find to the gov't, and they determine that thats not the alien race they want to be friends with, so they begin a search for the aliens that they believe to be the "good guys"

this is where you start. with an alien war taking place somewhere, and the gov't trying to decide who's side to be on.

Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 3:16 am
by Paul
We don't have a full back story, so we can probably work some of this in. There were actually some old forums which have a lot of information, which I couldn't migrate into the new ones. Here's a link to a galactic map, and you can also follow the links from there to see what we were kicking around.

Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 3:55 pm
by Yoda Almighty

I quite literally made that up as I was typing it :) so obviously, none of it is final. change anything you want ;)