Version 1.0 Requirements

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Version 1.0 Requirements

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I was thinking a bit about this, and I think we're actually a lot closer to 1.0 then I had previously thought. I think we really only need a few additions to the engine, and then a lot of work on the content.

On the engine side, the features I was thinking of as requirements include:
  • Fleets
  • More mission features, including killing/disabling a specific ship
  • Player death
Doubtless I've overlooked some things, but these are what I see as the core engine requirements to hit a viable 1.0.

Please make any additions that you think are necessary, or expand on these as you see fit.

Especially the mission features... I could duplicate EV, or add new features, so let me know what you'd like to see here to make awesome mission lines possible.
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