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Event Horizon is a 3D game similar to the classic Escape Velocity game from Ambrosia, but Event Horizon has a first-person view style. Basic game play is very similar: you fly around the galaxy in your spaceship, landing on planets to trade goods or get missions, and buy or sell spaceship addons or another spaceship.

Event Horizon is still in development, but it is playable (not quite fun yet). I only post updates when they are working (mostly) on my computer, so nothing should cause harm to your system. Of course, since it's running under OS X, it shouldn't cause any harm, anyway, not having root access!

Minimum Recommended System Requirements: G3 500Mhz, 256MB RAM, 3D graphics card w/ 16 MB. Minimum monitor resolution of 800x600 is required. OS X 10.2+ (Universal Binary).

Check out the Event Horizon forums at
Archives of the old forums are available at

Here is the official plugin development guide. Since Event Horizon is still under development, items in this may change from release to release. Be warned!

Event Horizon is now open source. Full source code is available on request.

I originally started developing this game in Java several years ago. Needless to say, it didn't work very well. You can see it here: Event Horizon 0.0.0 and laugh.


    Change in v 0.6.10
  • Fixed threading bug causing high CPU usage during pause
  • Fixed cut-scene abortion bug in 10.3-10.4
  • All models converted to OBJ format for Intel compatibility
  • Universal Binary!
    Changes in v 0.6.9
  • Fixed crash after boarding
  • Galactic map is draggable
  • More accurate plugin-loading progress
  • Added atmosphere option to planets
  • Fixed startdust blending over planetary rings
    Changes in v 0.6.8
  • Added a secret Forklift weapon
  • Added plugin-loading progress bar
  • Added planet sounds
  • Custom cockpit frames possible
  • Fixed OpenAL dependency for 10.2/10.3
  • Fixed more threading issues
    Changes in v 0.6.7
  • Added jitter when spaceship struck by weapon
  • Fixed new player screen display bug
  • Weapon hardpoints can now be 3D
  • Added inertial mode
  • Fixed multi-threading crashing issues
    Changes in v 0.6.6
  • Fixed backdrop location display
  • Fixed collision code
  • Added menu interface
  • Shield spots change color with shield strength
  • Added Saturn, reshaped Sol
  • Planets can have rings
  • Improved mouse control model
  • Multi-threaded
    Changes in v 0.6.5
  • Full compatibility between 10.2-10.4
  • Shield spots indicate weapon hits
    changes in v 0.6.0
  • Improved mouse control
  • Fixed preferences screen
  • New buttons
  • Expanded universe (but mostly populated with planet "Earth"
  • Numerous other changes, see change log for details

    Changes in v 0.5.10
  • Several crash-causing bugs fixed
  • Throttle added, velocity reduces to zero when not under throttle or thrust
  • Landing cinematics

    Changes in v 0.5.8
  • Changed prefs screen
  • Added mouse steering option to preferences
  • Added support for right click and mouse wheel in prefs
  • Added attitude indicator to crosshair

    Changes in v 0.5.6
  • Added rotational inertia to pitching motion, max pitch angle related to max rotational speed
  • Flight relaxes to horizontal in absence of continued vertical thrust
  • Fixed new player name entry crash
  • Added government penalties for attacking ships (shoot up a Terran Empire ship and see what happens!)

    Changes in v 0.5.5
  • Backdrop capability added to systems
  • Added pitch control for vertical motion

    Changes in v 0.5.4
  • Added inertial compensator mod
  • Governments may have enemies
  • Government of selected ship displayed in info tab
  • Added pirates

    Changes in v 0.5.3
  • Full functionality in windowed mode
  • Multiple window sizes supported
  • "Enter" and "Return" keys now fully equivalent

    Changes in v 0.5.2
  • Weapons may be fully or just normally illuminated
  • Windowed mode as well as fullscreen mode

    Changes in v 0.5.1
  • Various fixes to account for 3rd dimension
  • System tab is dull when too close to center to jump, turns bright when far enough away
  • Modified cross-hair when autipilot engaged
  • Added Jupiter to Sol system
  • Added mass-based explosion option to weapons (see M1000 Mine)

    Changes in v 0.5.0
  • Entire UI is now mouse-driven
  • Added 3rd dimension movement
  • WaveFront OBJ format supported for models

    Changes in v 0.4.12
  • Fixed polygon normalization for proper lighting
  • Removed cockpit bars from overhead and 3rd person views
  • Disabled ships are no longer fixed in place, show up grey in info tab
  • Added pause capability

    Changes in v 0.4.11
  • Multi-namespace plugin support
  • All systems links automatically link back
  • Player's ship shows up in overhead view
  • 3rd person view
  • Fixed alternate view reversion problem
    Changes in v 0.4.10
  • Escort recall/release capability
  • Fixed secondary weapon addition problem
  • Fixed cargo-stealing bug
  • If a ship mod can't be bought, the reason why is highlighted in red
  • Added a new ship (Überboat) to New Prussian systems
    Changes in v 0.4.9b
  • Full OS X 10.3 functionality at long last!

    Changes in v 0.4.9a
  • You can now land if you have a large ship (i.e., Agamemnon)

    Changes in v 0.4.9
  • Added FPS counter
  • Improved code to boost performance up to 33%
  • Added limited escort/bay functionality and ship large enough to carry escort bay
    NOTE: to be able to buy this ship, open up your player.evh file in the Players folder with a text editor or Apple's Property List Editor, and give yourself lots of money.

    Changes in v 0.4.8
  • Mods sold when new ship is bought, mods that come with new ship are installed
  • Only as much cargo as fits is transferred to new ship
  • Fixed bug causing crash when switching secondary weapons after new ship purchase

    Changes in v 0.4.7
  • Cargo can be stolen from ships (only Shuttle and Freighter currently carry cargo)
  • Weapons can be fired from multiple positions on ship (try out the assault shuttle missiles)

    Changes in v 0.4.6
  • Improved gravity-based orbit model
  • Ship landing AI improved to eliminated pile-up of slow-moving ships

    Changes in v 0.4.5
  • Map and inventory can be accessed from each other, inventory can be accessed from planet
  • Disabled ships can be boarded and ransacked (cargo not yet functional)
  • Assault Shuttle added (watch out, it packs missiles!)

    Changes in v 0.4.4
  • Mission problems seem to be fixed
  • Map lines now show up in OS X 10.2
  • Ships can be disabled (although that doesn't do too much yet)

    Changes in v 0.4.3
  • Date functionality added
  • Cross-hairs added
  • Fixed bug that prevents new player from getting hurt
  • New explosions

    Changes in v 0.4.2
  • No longer crashes when leaving planet
  • Systems have custom ship probabilities
  • Inventory (weapons, cargo, etc.) can be displayed
  • Map is now colorized by government, and itinerary is saved when map is exited

    Changes in v 0.4.1
  • Map can now be accessed from planets
  • System regenerated when you land, so ships are new when you leave

    Changes in v 0.4.0
  • Ships now have complex AI's (Merchant, which attacks when attacked, and Wimp, which always runs away)
  • Ships are continuously added to system
  • New weapon: guided missile

    Changes in v 0.3.5
  • Added basic missions
  • Mods can now be sold
  • Landing on planets recharges shields and armor
  • Tweaked colors in navigation panel
  • Added rear view
  • Can select nearest ship you are pointing at

© 2003 - 2006 by Paul Dorman

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